Pawliday Christmas Fundraiser Has Started


The National Bird Dog Museum's annual "Pawliday" fundraiser has begun. This is the fifth year that the museum has had this Christmas season fundraiser, which was started especially for dog lovers. For a $5.00 donation, a paw print bearing your dog's name will be displayed in the museum's lobby. These will be the first thing visitors see as they enter the museum throughout the Christmas season. You can also submit a picture of your dog to be displayed with your paw. These photos can be mailed with your donation and information (dog's name and your name) or emailed to with the subject line Pawliday Fundraiser. Your name, your dog's name, and your dog's picture (if provided) will also be included in the museum's spring newsletter. You can join the Pawliday fundraiser two ways:

BY MAIL: Send your information (dog's name and your name), donation (check or money order), and dog's photo (if desired) to:

The Bird Dog Foundation
P.O. Box 774
Grand Junction, TN 38039

BY PHONE: Call us at 731-764-2058 and provide the necessary information and credit card number.