Paving Memory Lane

The National Bird Dog Museum's newest fundraiser is known as Paving Memory Lane. The museum is offering engraved bricks on which you can immortalize your dog or a person that you feel should be honored or remembered. The bricks can have up to three lines of text with up to 15 characters per line. These bricks will be used to create a memorial walk from the museum's parking lot to the front door. The cost is $100.00 per brick. Bricks may be ordered three different ways:

BY MAIL: Write out what you want your brick to say (three lines of text with up to 15 characters per line). Send this with either a check or money order to the following address:

The National Bird Dog Museum
P.O. Box 774
Grand Junction, TN 38039

BY PHONE: Call the museum at (731)764-2058 and provide the necessary information and a credit card number.

BY INTERNET: Fill out the information boxes in the form below and then click Buy Now.

Laser engraving 1st row
2nd row if desired
3rd row if desired