Thunder in Acadia


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Thunder in Acadia

Thunder in Acadia by Trish Madell. Sequel to Thunder: Junior Park Ranger. Book for children. Soft cover. 188 pages.

From back cover:

When Junior Ranger Thunder is assigned to Acadia National Park, he discovers there's a steep learning curve. Always ready, Thunder plunges right in and before you know it he's learned the first few lessons the hard way. But our hero soon gets his head above water, and develops a plan to teach canine park patrons about safety and conservation, just in time for the big Fourth of July holiday celebration.

As a pointer, Thunder knows noses. He's got a good nose, and in this adventure he gets a chance to prove it - officially. He'll use his nose to track trouble, sniff out danger, and make a very important point. He even comes nose to nose with his doppelganger, who helps him finally get even with Ranger Mike's surly cat, Spot... maybe.

About the dog and the author:

Thunder lives just outside of Acadia National Park in Maine and explores the park daily with his mom, author Trish Madell, and his dad, a real life Park Ranger.