Paving Memory Lane Brick Contest


The staff of the National Bird Dog Museum would like to announce a new promotional contest for the Paving Memory Lane brick walk in front of the museum. If you have bought a brick since February 9, 2020 or if you buy one before September 9, 2020, your name will be entered into a drawing for two different prizes - a certificate for ten bags of dog food from Purina or a Garmin Pro 550 training collar!

Be sure to include the dog breed you are affiliated with when you buy a brick, as the National Bird Dog Museum will draw from the affiliated names of the breed that sells the most bricks for an additional prize (to be announced). Also include if you are a member of the NBHA, as that organization has its own contest currently and buying a brick will also enter you into their contest if you are a member.

If you have ever considered buying a brick, now is definitely the time. These make great gifts!