Hall of Fame Inductee


Year Inducted : 2008

NAFC FC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek

In the words of Frank & Christine Kashevarof:

From the time we brought Carbon home with us at the age of seven weeks, we knew he was special. He was quick and easy to train with a personality that captured our hearts. He smiled, he sang, and he wiggled happily. You always knew where he was by his thumping tail. He knew when he did something well, as he would strut with his head held high, a grin for all to see. He was admired for his marking ability, his style, and his looks. He was a big, strong dog who played endlessly with puppies and his son, Chopper, till it was his time to go. He loved duck hunting, lying in front of the fireplace, and being by Frank's side. His work ethic in training was as impressive as it was through ten series of a National Amateur. He was a champion in every regard and remains in the hearts of many who saw or judged him.

Our Carbon, our love forever.

Frank & Christine Kashevarof
Woodinville, WA