Hall of Fame Inductee


Year Inducted : 2008

Ed Minoggie was born on Savie Island in Oregon in 1918. He was a graduate of Lincoln High School in Portland and Oregon State College (now University). After a short stint in the Merchant Marine during World War II, he returned to Portland to work at various fields until he met Tar Baby of Holly Hill - his first retriever. He got Tar when he was a year old and had never been out of a kennel run and turned him into a Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion. Thus began Ed's sixty years as a trainer and handler of retrievers.

As a amateur, Ed judged five Open All-Age Stakes in the early 1950s and was instrumental in starting the Oregon Retriever Field Trial Club as well as serving as its' president for two terms. Ed's success with Tar Baby caused others to ask him to train and run their dogs and in 1957 Ed became a professional trainer. He was involved in organizing the PRTA and served as its' president for one term. Overall Ed won approximately 159 Open Age Stakes during his professional career.

According to 1941-1995 Retriever Field Trial Statistics by Susan E. Reynolds, retrievers trained and handled by Ed Minoggie competing in the most consecutive Nationals were:

(7) FC-AFC Techako's Ranger LM (C. Tobin) 1960- 1966
(7) FC Michelle LF (E. Minoggie / C. Tobin) 1965-1971
(6) FC Shoremeadow Tidewater LM (C. Tobin) 1957-1965
(5) FC Shamrock Acres Super Value LM (J. Heneghan) 1971-1975
(4) FC AFC Jigaboo of Mountaindale LM (E. Brown) 1960-1963
(4) FC Tar Dessa Venture LM (J. Preston) 1967-1970

Pros with National Open Finalists - Ranked by Number Won - Ed Minoggie is ranked 26th with six finalists

Other dogs that Ed was involved with - either in training, handling, or in turning into Field Champions, include Major Tobin of Island Acres, Watchum Sneak, Problem Boy Duke of Wake, Tar Baby's Little Sweet Stuff (CNFC twice), Majik N'oir, Lignite's Red Boy, Cedar Haven Matador, Boocindy's Renegade, Macaroni II, Leroy III, Alaska Fall Blizzard, Gun Thunder Oly, and Cedar Haven Matador.

Ed retired as a professional in 1992, but has been successful with some of his own dogs - primarily Island Acres Gold Rush and Island Acres Ditto (Mike). He does well with his dogs because he has great respect for the retriever's capability. He has always felt that a dog should be judged on its own merits rather than the handler's ability and his dogs perform well because of their desire to please him. The love he has for the breed and for the sport has been with him for all these years. He is honored to have been elected to the Retriever Hall of Fame - it was a great 90th birthday present.