A Little Competition (Soft Cover)


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A Little Competition (Soft Cover)

A Little Competition by Tom Word. Autographed by author. A Little Competition is a novella and a collection of twenty-two stories. Soft cover. 195 pages.

From back cover:

Tom's first loves are writing, hunting, reading, and reporting field trial competitions. Tom exposes a deep knowledge of dogs and field trials, and of people as well. In one of my favorites, "Return to Delilah," a very sensitive code of conduct is revealed. In another, "Honor Perhaps," the dark side of human nature is exposed, but fortunately without disastrous results. In "Helpin' Each Other," the story of assisting scouts (helpers), the scales of justice are unexpectedly balanced and perhaps even more than balanced.

Tom Word manages, in each brief story, to cover an astonishing number of subjects and emotions, reminiscent of Corey Ford. This permits reading, then enjoyable rumination.

Whether you are a field trailer, a bird hunter, or a bird watcher in the great out-of-doors, you will recall some pleasant experiences and emotions from these stories. Promises are indeed fulfilled.

Lee R. West - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma