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Breeding&Training Versatile Hunting Dogs

Breeding & Training Versatile Hunting Dogs for Hunting & Hunt Tests by Bob Farris. Soft cover. 205 pages.

From back cover:

Breeding & Training Versatile Hunting Dogs for Hunting & Hunt Tests is the first book covering both breeding and training for your versatile dog for upland bird hunting, waterfowling, shed hunting, blood tracking, along with numerous human interest chapters.

This book starts with the most insightful and complete explanation of what a quality breeding program involves: how to breed better dogs, how to achieve genetic diversity, selecting the best stud dog, reading a pedigree including the different breeding coefficients, and how to use hunt test information to support breeding decisions.

Bob gives outstanding coverage of how to train your dog for a natural ability test and a utility test. Of the 106 dogs Bob trained/handled in natural ability tests, he earned 81 Prize 1s and of the 49 dogs trained/handled in utility, he earned 15 Prize 1s with all 49 dogs prizing. He has paid his dues in the testing arena and his record speaks for itself. A hunter that sees 80 to 100 days annually in the field supports his knowledge to training for hunting wild birds.

This book gives excellent advice on training your dog for hunting. Bob covers chukar hunting tactics, waterfowling from a blind, duck searches, tracking wounded big game, and off-season shed hunting.

You do not want to purchase a versatile pup or plan to test your pup in any of the offered hunt tests without reading this book.