Training Your Retriever DVD


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Training Your Retriever DVD

Training Your Retriever DVD

Bill Eckett and Bobby George of Blackwater Retrievers will teach you how to develop your retriever into a controlled performer to make your hunting more enjoyable.

Blackwater Retrievers are known internationally as one of the top training programs for retrievers on the planet. Bill Eckett and Bobby George know the retriever breeds and have made champions of Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. This program is not intended to teach you the lengthy process of training a field trial performer but it will give you all you need to develop a fine hunting companion with the minimum amount of effort and time on your part.

Subjects covered include:

    How to start your puppy
    How to introduce to the gun
    Starting water retrieving
    Obedience training
    Basic introduction to the training collar
    Steadying you dog
    Boat introduction
    Retrieving crippled birds
    Creating a hunting situation

Runtime: 60 minutes