Ferrel Miller on Bird Dog Training DVD


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Ferrel Miller on Bird Dog Training DVD

Ferrel Miller on Common Sense Bird Dog Training DVD

Let Field Trial Hall of Fame member and world famous bird dog trainer, Ferrel Miller, teach you the basics of developing a puppy into a finished and polished bird dog that you can be proud to own.

The methods used in this video are the same as those used to develop some of the world's greatest bird dogs.

Ferrel demonstrates how to:

    Humanize and socialize puppies
    Use a wing to get puppies going with you in the field
    Teach the pup to hunt for you
    Use a check cord to get a young dog to handle and stay up front of you
    Teach whoa on the bench, barrel, and whoa post
    Use pigeons to get the dog pointing and holding
    Correctly use the electronic training collar
    Use released quail
    Steady to wing and shot
    Teach backing or honoring another pointing dog

The information in this video is suitable for all pointing breeds. This video is sponsored in part by Tri-Tronics.

Runtime: 80 minutes