Training the Bird Hunters Bird Dog DVD


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Training the Bird Hunters Bird Dog DVD

Training the Bird Hunters Bird Dog with Scott Miller DVD

Learn from the best trainer of walking dogs in the nation how to teach your bird dog to handle, control his range, hold point, back and retrieve.

Scott Miller is the nation's best trainer of walking handled bird dogs. He has won the nation's top handler of the year award 9 consecutive times in National Bird Hunter field trials. Dogs that run in these trials are what most hunters call "brag bird dogs". Although these competition dogs are trained to a level beyond what most hunters require, the training methods Scott uses on gun dogs are identical during basic training.

This 90 minute program was taped at his beautiful training grounds and kennels near Greenfield, Missouri. You will see some of his multiple champions in action such as the great Honky Tonk Attitude. In the clearest and most detailed ways possible, he will teach you to train your dog to be all he can be.

You will learn about:

    Picking a puppy and caring for him
    Training aids you need
    Proper use of the electronic collar
    Handling and controlling range
    Holding point
    Backing or honoring another dog's point
    The best forced retrieving method

Runtime: 90 minutes