The Old Man... and the Dog

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The Old Man... and the Dog

The Old Man... and the Dog by Carroll Seabrook Leatherman. Hard cover. 152 pages.

From cover flap:

The most touching dog story since "Old Yeller."

The Old Man... and the Dog is a poignant, heartfelt tale, based on the true story of "Miss One Dot," 1979 Grand National Bird Dog Champion, and her relationship with her handler, John Gardner.

Dot's life was a series of hurdles which had to be overcome by grit, backbone, and a strong will to live. Her courage against all odds, and the constant desire to win, touched all that knew her. Dot's uncanny understanding, which is almost human, is demonstrated throughout her adventures, and is the true driving force in her quest for a first place finish in the National Championship.

The story presents a heartwarming relationship between an aging trainer, and the sincere love this dog had for her man.

Carroll Seabrook Leatherman, a short story writer, composes and resides in Memphis, Tennessee, and Mississippi.